SHORT & MEDIUM CAT TREES :|: 20" - 36"

Features include perches, sleeper shelves, scratching posts & snuggly cuddle-up spots for the simple pleasures in your cat's life.
Economical price doesn't have to mean cheap construction! Custom cat trees are carefully hand-crafted in the U.S.A. to your specifications.

Affordable Luxury

Custom & Ready-Made Cat Trees

Kitten Climbing Tree
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35" Tall Sisal Scratch Post & Perch Bed35" Tall Sisal Scratch Post & Perch Bed
35" Sisal Scratch Post & Cradle35" Sisal Scratch Post & Cradle
20" Short Cat Tree20" Short Cat Tree
33" Cat Pagoda House33" Cat Pagoda House
20" Perch & Scratch Post20" Perch & Scratch Post
24" Short Cat Tree24" Short Cat Tree
34" Sleeper Cat Tree34" Sleeper Cat Tree
33" Cat Tree, 2-Perch & Scratch Post33" Cat Tree, 2-Perch & Scratch Post
34" Sleeper with Sisal Scratch Post34" Sleeper with Sisal Scratch Post
34" Cat Tree34" Cat Tree
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Pet BedsPet Beds
$27 - $75
Cat PerchesCat Perches
$35 - $100
Cat TowersCat Towers
$130 - $300

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