KatKabin Outdoor Cat Condo 

A warm welcome indeed, especially for your cats. The KatKabin outdoor cat house is a unique & innovative cat shelter that provides your cat with all the warmth, comfort & safety it is used to indoors. The latest KatKabin DezRez is the ideal snug shelter from rain, wind and cold whilst being fun and attractive – which is why we say it’s the Desirable Residence for fabulous felines!

'With the KatKabin DezRez I no longer worry if my cat stays out in cold or wet weather' - Emma Johnson

'I find it so handy to be able to use the KatKabin indoors or outdoors, wherever my cat needs it and it looks great in the conservatory!' - Debbie Owens

All in all, the KatKabin Dez Rez is the purrfect
'home from home' for any cat!

 KatKabin Outdoor Cat Condo Colors

Designed by pet-lover and inventor Elvira Brocher, the KatKabin™ is a light, tubular house with unique, feline-shaped ends that will appeal to cats of every type - whether pedigree or random-bred, kitten or mature queen. It can be used in the garden or away from home in a hotel or cattery.

Brinsea Products is now distributing Katkabin the most innovatively designed outdoor cat house on the market. When you cannot be there to let him in, KatKabin is the place for your cat to be safe, warm and cozy until you return.

This light, tubular house with unique, feline-shaped ends will appeal to all cats and cat lovers. Developed to withstand extremes of temperature, the KatKabin is made from the strongest materials and is finished with a special material that will not fade in sunlight. In addition, the KatKabin has a special floor that adds extra insulation keeping the cat warm in the coldest weather.

The KatKabin presents no security risks or installation damage to property, no need for maintenance and is very easy to clean. Available in a choice of colors and finishes, the KatKabin comes complete with a clip-on front door.

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