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Pet Lounge Studios’ aim is to provide consumer products that stimulate the imagination and straddle the border between pets and humans. This distinction of what is for us and what is for our pets has been redefined may make you even little jealous!

The pet industry has seen a huge surge in innovative products within the last few years, but never have they seen furniture that has been so well designed until now. Pet Lounge Studios has managed to design products that are the first of their kind.

“We have found a way to minimize our footprint on the environment while not compromising the luxury and comfort of our designs. Our products are truly unique pieces of furniture which become a conversation piece and compliment the interiors of our customer’s homes. You will no longer need to hide the eyesore of a cushion, that many people call a dog bed, when friends or family pay a visit to your home,” said Corey Drew, President and Designer of Pet Lounge Studios.

The company has been able to use green, eco-friendly materials to their advantage, and those materials have actually assisted in creating the luxuriousness of their products.

Pet Lounge Studios’ ultra-light, Scandinavian inspired, BAMBU LOUNGER is designed with solid bamboo which is a viable and beautiful alternative to wood.

The soft, removable micro suede cushion covers are inherently stain resistant and hypoallergenic, as well as, completely recyclable because of their 100% polyester content.

Also, unique to the pet industry, Pet Lounge Studios has incorporated shredded orthopedic memory foam into all of their cushions. “Our shredded foam is recycled from the remnants of human bed mattresses and contours perfectly to your pets’ body,” says Corey.

Research also supports a long list of benefits for preventative care and pre-existing conditions that orthopedic memory foam can provide for your best friend.

Complimenting the BAMBU LOUNGER is the very popular BAMBU DINER. The BAMBU DINER is a must have when purchasing the LOUNGER. It is very hard to pass up such a chic looking product, especially when considering the alternatives. The BAMBU DINER has all the elements of the highest quality product, including stainless steel bowls that are top of the line. It is even topped off with a polished stainless steel label engraved with Pet Lounge studios. Now that is furniture!

It is safe to assume that people purchasing Pet Lounge Studios’ products really want the best for their pets and by purchasing their products they are getting the best.
Pet Lounge Studios. Modern Luxury Pet Furniture


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