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 Whisker Studio Modern Cat Funiture

We know, we know! Bring a cat into your house, and your home becomes the cat’s home, not yours!! 

But it doesn’t have to! Because now, Whisker Studio goes out of its way to design pet furniture that excels at meeting your cat’s biological and ergonomic needs while more than satisfying humans’ esthetic ones.

Your cat lies not on a hard, rigid bedboard, but rests comfortably on tough, wear-resistant nylon that’s as supple as a cat’s spine. We make scratchers that are angled, so your cat doesn’t have to uncomfortably arch its back just to enjoy a good scratch. Whisker Studio furniture satisfies your cat’s itch to scratch with tough, natural, undyed sisal fiber, woven much more tightly than conventional carpet. (Cats actually love gripping onto sisal and digging their claws into it much more than your upholstery.) We don’t just staple the sisal matting in, either. We inlay it to be flush with the top of the shelf or step it’s part of; this means there are no exposed edges to fray or unravel. Then we glue in evey square milimeter of it with a strong, nontoxic adhesive – so once the sisal’s in place, it stays there.

But best of all, our pet furniture is every bit as well designed, as contemporary with its fluid, organic curves, and as well built and finished as furniture you’d buy for yourself. Even if you didn’t have a cat, our Contoure modern cat tower, would make for an interesting etagere or piece of sculpture, while the 48" Art Deco Tower Cave could also make attractive magazine racks! 

We use solid, furniture-grade, birch (never particle board!) throughout, in your choice of Natural Walnut stain and Espresso paint nontoxic, water-based hand-finishes, totally free of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds [VOCs].

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